Industrial Plastic Materials

High Density Polyethylene or HDPE Industrial Plastic Materials

Need a Strong Versatile Industrial Plastic Materials?

Probably one of the most popular Industrial Plastic Materials is High density polyethylene, more often than not abbreviated to HDPE. Structurally it is available in sheet or rod form. Especially relevant  when choosing a Polyethylene material, for an application where greater strength and stiffness is required. Its important to note that HDPE is a step up from LDPE . Most commonly its recognized in homes as a cutting board material. Invariably it is seen in most restaurants and food processing plants. Furthermore Polyethylene is relatively easy to weld which makes it a popular choice for fabricated water tanks and chemical tanks.

Consequently the family of HDPE, LDPE and UHMW are extremely popular versatile Industrial Plastic Materials. Being fairly inexpensive is an attraction when choosing these types if industrial Plastic Materials. In addition they are all extremely popular due to having good chemical resistance. Another added benefit of Polyethylene is being approved for the use in food environments. Finally the material has a low coefficient of friction with the added attraction of being easily machined and welded, for easy fabrication. It benefits from not splintering, rotting or retaining harmful bacteria, and is extremely resistant to cleaning agents.


Important properties for HDPE are as follows.

  • Excellent moisture/chemical resistance
  • good impact resistance
  • superior tensile strength
  • Food FDA approved

The uses of HDPE are many but some typical uses are as follows.

  • mechanical parts
  • Food Processing
  • wear strips
  • tank linings
  • solar collectors, valve bodies
  • livestock industries
  • Conveyor and material handling systems
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