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Images showing some of Sentinels Polycarbonate Fabrications capabilities. The images show bespoke polycarbonate fabrications for one of our prestigious customers. Firstly, these parts in particular have been machined on one of our five CNC Routing tables. Uniquely these are capable of machining parts up to 3000mm x 2000mm in size. Then follows the fabrication process, which Sentinels experienced team have perfected over the years, forming the finished shape. Lastly, the final stage involves welding/adhesive, which is carried out to stabilize all the joints and create a seal. Finally giving us yet another happy customer.

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Polycarbonate Fabrication                    Polycarbonate Fabrications

Bending Bespoke Polycarbonate Parts

What is significant is that the skills required to work with a complex material, such as Polycarbonate, have been finely honed over many years. As a result this allows for accurate bending of large sized Guards in very short time scales. Most noteworthy is that thickness is not a problem. Sentinel can fabricate from 1mm up to 10mm, thickness beyond this can depend on design and availability.

Machining Polycarbonate and Polycarbonate Fabrications

In Conclusion, our Plastic CNC machining services offer a great range of capabilities to achieve your bespoke requirements. Significantly this. combined with our in-house plastic fabrication services. offer our customers a comprehensive package. While Sentinel plastics can boast that, most of the vast range of available plastic in the modern market today, are machined accurately and quickly for rapid delivery and high quality. We specialise in machining Polycarbonate but also acrylic, PETG and PVC, as well as other types of engineering plastic materials from acetal, Delrin, nylon, polyethylene, HDPE to ABS and so on.

Polycarbonate Sheet / Makrolon® Sheet / Lexan® Sheet

Solid Polycarbonate sheets are clear as standard. The Polycarbonate offers an extreme impact strength that exceeds the majority of other clear plastics. Polycarbonate sheets can work in temperatures of -100 to +120 °C while still maintaining a high optical clarity and have a good fire rating. A popular plastic material used to make shatterproof windows, it has a better light transmission than regular glass.

Large Plastic Cut Shapes Plastic Sheet Machining

Our experienced machinists can produce small or large batch quantities with high accuracy and high speed, making this an economic form of producing cut to shape plastic parts. Customers from the Conveyor Manufacture to the high tech world of underwater exploration use Sentinels skilled staff to gain benefits, including cost saving and problem solving during the design process.

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