Plastic Machining Open for Business

In Short, Sentinel Plastics Ltd has its facilities for Plastic Machining Open for Business. Indeed, throughout these dreadful times, the company has maintained a full capacity supply. Without doubt, this can be contributed to each member of the team. Who, as always, make things happen, always pulling together in the same direction.

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Critically, implementing at a very early stage, strict COVID safety measures. But also, sticking rigorously to the new rules throughout the crises.


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Open For Business Specialised Bespoke Parts

Certainly, it’s worth noting, all parts manufactured by Sentinel are, customer specific bespoke plastic produced parts. Either, working from Prototypes, drawings or descriptions, making a one off or hundreds of parts. Certainly, Sentinel Plastics has flexibility to meet most requirements.

Plastic Machining Open For Business

Critical Supplier

Moreover, it was, and is still, imperative that Sentinel maintained the ability to provide a service and continuously supply. Indeed, medical components are just one part. As, also, many CNC machined items supplied to key customers. Thus, it was inevitable ventilator, and other engineered medical critical parts, would be in greater demand. Again, Sentinel’s skilled workforce stepped up yet another gear.

Importantly, many customers, consider the company a high category supplier by. So, to support these clients, and the fluctuation in their build plans, operating many scheduled supply agreements. Which, Especially, will then allow them to call finished goods from stock.

Also, schedule supply agreements allow the company to optimise the manufacturing process. So, which in turn, reduce the manufacturing costs and ensure the most efficient supply of finished parts to our customers.

Blue Chip Market Suppliers Open for Business

Furthermore, Sentinel fabricate and machine plastic components for blue chip customers. Some operating in the medical, specialist industrial and high-end power control markets. The company has a reputation for supplying quality plastic component parts on time, right to drawing and at competitive prices.

Also, sophisticated data manufacturing procedures, track customer’s products throughout the manufacturing process.

Plastic Machining Open for Business, Capacity

Plastic Machining Open for Business - Plastic Engineering Machined Components

For instance, Sentinel Plastics Ltd having Plastic Machining Open for Business, included:

And so. Plastic Machining Open for Business

In conclusion, offering production via machining and fabrication process, quality products to suit any application within a large variety of industries. Whether, a bespoke single unit, or a batch of thousands is required. Certainly all customers, UK and worldwide, will continue to benefit from our skills, experience, flexibility and attention to detail. Moreover, our turnaround times will struggle to be beaten whether you are local or elsewhere in the UK.

Plastic Machining Open for Business 2021

Of course, we will all, no doubt, be glad to see the back of 2020. But, even if 2021 is to begin as the prior year left off, Sentinel Plastics will continue to be open for business plastic machining.

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