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Firstly, Sentinel has a vast array of CNC Machines, all capable of acrylic CNC machining ( Perspex – Plexiglass ).


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Acrylic Machining

Acrylic, Perspex, Plexiglass

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Ultimately, these are all trade names. But with its high transparency and smooth surface, Clear Acrylic Machining is an attractive material for a wide range of applications. Also, offering excellent transparency with a moderate impact resistance, its uses a wide and versatile. Also, Acrylic CNC Machining, which requires no lubricant, can be CNC Routed CNC Milled, CNC Turned and heat-bent.

Notably, as a company, Sentinel Plastics has become synonymous with Polycarbonate and Acrylic CNC machining and fabrication.

Moreover, Being more cost-effective alternative to polycarbonate, makes it a popular choice of material in more general purpose applications. ACRYLIC is highly suitable material, when compared again to Polycarbonate, for hot line bending and welding.

Significantly, Acrylic can be CNC Routed to shape or cut to size. Certainly, most commonly used in retail, but also widely used in commercial applications such as making finger guards and factory machine guards. It is though, typically well known for elaborate display units, point of sale and secondary resistant glazing.


 Applications Acrylic CNC Machining

Also, In the main,  Acrylic CNC machining is for use in point of sale or display. So, Other uses for Perspex (Acrylic) are Trade fair structures, Public buildings. As well as, Within Industry, the clear plastics of choice are Acrylic or Polycarbonate. Hence, the huge experience Sentinel has due to its popularity in quality CNC machining plastics.

Acrylic Machining, Perspex Machining, CNC Machined Acrylic Parts

Similarly, Acrylic sheets can have Coatings applied to the surface. Most noteworthy, when compared to other clear plastic, Solid acrylic sheets retain their shine with no yellowing, nor change of colour. But, One positive effect in applying a protective coating is that you are increasing the resistance to long-term weathering, which thus provides a long service life.

Acrylic CNC Machined Parts Available in:

Most noteworthy, Acrylic is available in transparent clear and white translucent, but also available in bronze, grey, green, blue and many other colours.

Polycarbonate Cutting

Acrylic Machining Large Plastic Cut Shapes

Furthermore, our experienced, acrylic cnc machining, personnel can produce small or large batch quantities. Importantly, with high accuracy and high speed. Hence making this an economic form of producing cut to shape plastic parts. Certainly, Customers from all industries use Sentinels skilled staff to gain benefits. Thus, including cost saving and problem solving during the design process.

Further, Available grades:

1: Acrylic sheet / FG food grade
2: Solid Acrylic sheet / FR flame retardant
3: Perspex/Acrylic sheet / NR non reflective
4: Outstanding through reinforced UV protection.


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