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Certainly, Since inception in 1989, Sentinel has always provided exceptional CNC UK Plastic Machining Services. Moreover, the company has done so while growing and retaining many blue chip customers. Furthermore, they are a UK plastic company, who are highly experienced.CNC Routed Plastic Machining UK

With, an exceptional service record. A reliable plastic parts manufacturing supplier. It’s also important to note, the company is renowned for having the ability to repeatedly accomplish tight tolerances with an exceptional finish. Furthermore, due to its many years of service, a great depth of knowledge has been gained when CNC milling and turning all plastics. Importantly, due to the huge variety of plastic materials available, this knowledge is an invaluable asset.

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Also, it really important to note, because Sentinel works solely with plastic, they have a focus that gives an edge over its UK competitors. Certainly, those in the metal machining and companies who concentrate on specific types of plastic material. Services include, Sheet Plastic Machining, Turned rod Plastic CNC Machining also Plastic block cnc milled Machining Services.


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Engineering Plastic Machining Services UK

Further, it’s worth noting, with the added capability of the latest addition Mazak machining centers. Certainly, capacity and capabilities are constantly updated. Thus, always aiming to reach new heights.

Moreover, providing you with virtually unlimited processing possibilities and a leading manufacturer with one-of-a-kind installations and machinery. We have modern, high-performance CNC machining centres.

Engineering plastic parts, Plastic Machining Services

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Reliable Machining Service

In short, for over 30 years here in the UK, Sentinel Plastics have been supplying a machining service. Notably, all types of Industrial Plastic Parts. Including, Power Control and the wider Switchgear industry. Hence, In that time, perfecting stand out unique techniques. Certainly, a cost effective source for all their requirements. This includes, fabricated Bus bars, Shields, Covers, Epoxy Glass, GPO3, PVC, Polycarbonate Guards, PTFE and Nylon Bushes and Bearings.

In short, a customer bespoke endless list. Conclusively, one stop shop services for machined parts and more.

Common Questions Asked about UK Plastic Machining Services

  • What plastics can be machined?
Most engineering and insulation plastics can be machined. The difference is knowing how. Sentinel have many years experienced and perfected techniques to do so.
  • What is the cutting speed and feed for plastic?
So, the general answer is as fast as you can. Especially, engineering plastics. In the main, avoid overheating, keep a lot of clearance on all tooling.
  • Can You Mill Plastic?

Certainly, plastics can be milled, though not all, The more rigid a plastic then the easier it is to be machined. The more flexible and the softer plastics are not suitable for machining.

  • Also, Is acetal a plastic?

Acetal plastic, also called polyacetal and polyoxymethylene (POM), is a general purpose, semi-crystalline, engineered thermoplastic. Acetal is commonly used for parts that need to be very stiff, have low surface friction and good dimensional stability.

  • How much does it cost to CNC machine a part?

Put simply, it depends on the design and your chosen material type.

  • Can polycarbonate be machined?

Simply put, Yes it can. Moreover, ultimately, with its high transparency and smooth surface, Clear Polycarbonate Machining is an attractive material. Thus, used for a wide range of applications. Also, importantly, offering extreme impact resistance, even at temperatures down to -100°C.importantly.

Bespoke Plastic Parts Services

Without doubt, Sentinels popularity is due to always being at the forefront of plastic engineering capabilities. Justifiably, Considered by many, as one of the top plastic companies in the UK. In short, for machining quality Plastic components.

Moreover, having capability to manufacture parts from simple to highly complex shapes. Also, an extensive range of plastic machining services including CNC machining, cutting, routing, lathing, drilling and milling. Not least, a team of highly experienced engineers and CAD technology. Thus, enabling bespoke engineered components to your exact requirements. Certainly, We can manufacture single units or large quantities using a wide variety of engineering plastic materials from stock. Moreover, Quotations can be provided from either existing samples or drawings.

Engineering UK Plastic Machining Services

Sentinel Plastics comprehensive Plastic Machining services facilities. Where to go for Quality Plastic CNC Machining.

Sub Assembly Services

Further, workflows are also designed for the production and assembling of complete assembly groups. Thus, thread inserts, ball bearings or other inserts can be added in further processing steps and combined with other components into complete assembly groups.


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UK Plastic Machining Services Quality Parts

Most notably, on-time delivery and top quality components are of prime importance. Hence, being totally committed to customer satisfaction and building long-term relationships.

Having ISO 9001-2008 certification, therefore, proves how compelled the company is to meet the highest standards. From, quotation to receiving your order and finally until despatch.

Certainly, emphasis, is on the importance of offering a happy customer experience.

Plastic Machining Help

Also, upon request, also able to assist you with the configuration and design of your machined plastic components. We know what different plastics can do and which types of processing are practicable from a technology perspective. As such, we provide you with the support from the selection of materials, to the design on the most advanced CAD systems. Finally, to the precise machining and customisation of a part that will function optimally for four application.

In Summary

Finally, here at Sentinel Plastics Ltd Uk we are versatile and very experienced. For any requirements we always aim to be as helpful as possible. When molding or extruding is not a viable option, then we can help!

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