UHMW Machined

UHMW Machined – Sentinel Plastics expertly cnc machine Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene. CNC Machining takes place on Lathes, Millers and Routers. In the hands of our experienced team, UHMW Parts are turned, into washers & bushes. While, CNC Millers produce intricate medical and contact food component’s. Ultimately, Sentinel the most cost efficient methods possible.

UHMW Machined - PE Milled Parts

UHMW Turned

UHMW Turned – Commonly, close tolerance components are cnc Turned on a daily basis. Notably, UHMW, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, is one of the most popular thermoplastics for industrial applications. Also, it has the highest impact strength of the thermoplastics, and is highly resistant to most corrosive materials and moisture. Finally, it is highly abrasion-resistant, has an extremely low coefficient of friction, and is self-lubricating.

UHMW Machined Sheet

UHMW Sheet Machined. – Polyethylene sheet machining takes place on 3M x 2M Routing tables. Most noteworthy, is the use of vacuum tables. This helps in clamping UHMWPE sheet without distorting the form.

Typical applications of PE1000: Including, wear strips, liners to chutes and conveyor belts. Also, aggregate handling, food processing, bottling plants and pharmaceuticals.

Polyethylene Machined Plastic is also available in grades including HDPE 300, HMWPE 500 and UHMWPE 1000 grade.

UHMW CNC  Milling

Having a large capacity of CNC Milling capabilities, Sentinel Plastics Ltd can draw on many years’ experience to produce high precision components from high specification industrial plastics materials. Read more

UHMW CNC Turning

Due to, using the latest Precision Lathes and technology, CNC Plastic Turning, we can produce large or small batch plastic turned parts from all the various types of Engineering industrial plastics. Read more

CNC UHMW machining UK

Furthermore, capacity is ever increasing. So, whether your requirement is one off or high batch work. Ultimately, lead times are always kept to a minimum. That said, whilst the company aims for quick turnaround times. Likewise, we maintain, a very low level of customer concerns. Certainly, without doubt, quality is never compromised. Consequently, these are just some of the reasons, many customers constantly return to Sentinel for all their plastic machined and fabricated parts requirements.

UHMW Machined PE 1000

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Finally, established in 1989 Sentinel  is an Industrial Engineering Plastics Machining and Fabrication company. With a long history and much accumulated knowledge the company has always moved with the times.

Sentinel Plastics Ltd is a well-established Engineering Plastics Supplier UHMW Machined and Plastic fabrication company based in Cradley Heath in the West Midlands. Ultimately, the company has an already large customer base, which includes many long term blue chip customers.

Our UHMW Machined capacity includes but is not limited to the following: 8 No CNC Machines which includes Mazak VCN 530C + 5 No XYZ 1020 VMC + 2 Bridgeport’s VMC + 2 ProTurn Lathes + 1 Mazak Mill/Turn.