Trimos Height Gauge For Quality Control of Plastic CNC Components

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Plastic CNC ComponentsThe Bowers Group has supplied Sentinel Plastics Ltd with a Trimos V4 700 Height Gauge. Helping to maintain high levels of inspection accuracy for cnc machined plastic cnc components. Strategically based in Cradley Heath at the heart of the West Midlands, it consequently can easily service the whole of the UK. Sentinel Plastics specialize in cnc machining and fabrication of all types of industrial plastics. As a result of Being a top Engineering Plastics company, it sets its standards high. Manufactured to customer specification, Sentinel Plastics carries out CNC Machining including Routing, Milling, Turning and Bending. Most noteworthy the company Produces varied components for diverse uses such as power control units within wind turbines.

Measuring Complex Machined Components

The Trimos V4 height gauge enables Sentinel Plastics to quickly and accurately measure complex machined components. Meeting a variety of measurement needs and improving its in process inspection procedures. On request from Sentinel the Bowers Group also supplied the company with an XT3 Holematic pistol grip bore gauge set. This is an ideal instrument for for measuring their internal diameters. Not only did Bowers supply the Trimos V4 700 Height Gauge, also supplied ere two Sylvac Hi-Cal 450 digital motorised height gauges for use on the shop floor.

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Trimos V4 700 Height Gauge

Sentinel Plastics





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