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Being a recognised quality GPO Machining parts supplier since inception in 1989. Certainly, the company is at the forefront of Industrial Engineering Plastic Machining  and Fabrication in the UK. Most noteworthy, is its long history of supplying plastic parts to industry. Importantly, the company has accrued invaluable information as to the service required for modern day requirements. Certainly, a key component of the companies sustained success story is, its flexibility. Able to meet client requirements, and in that process move with the latest processes and advanced its technical ability.

Machining Specialists - Polyester glass machining; GPO Parts Machined

GPO or PGM Insulation Machining Specialists

GPO Machined Parts

Firstly, the make up of GPO3 Machining materials is a blend of fiberglass with a polyester resin. Therefore the result of this blend is a material that offers excellent ark and track resistance. The commonly known GPO3 is one of the most popular grades of GPO. This is a popular grade, specified by many Technical departments, mainly due to its high temperature insulation capabilities. As a result of being the most economic choice of GPO material, it is also noteworthy for being a material which can be easily machined to bespoke applications.

Polyester glass machining; GPO Parts Machined

Some examples of what GPO3 Materials are widely used to manufacture are Insulating supports, high voltage insulation, bus bar supports and mounting panels in electrical apparatus are just some examples.

Based on the needs of its particular application GPO comes in several grades. GPO1, Gpo2 & GPO3.

Another important factor is GPO3 has a thermal index of 120°C electrical and 155°C mechanical.
  GPO3 Machining
So there are many advantages to using GPO3 Machining Materials. Most of all having high structural strength but also excellent Electrically Insulating properties.
Most noteworthy, raw GPO3 materials are available in standard sheets & rod sizes. But it is also available in a varying cataloged selection of channels & angles.
Finally a couple of important factors. Firstly Sheet thickness ranges from 0.8mm to 50mm. Secondly Red and White are the standard colours.
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