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Searching for something - Plastic bespoke parts

Searching for something – Need a Plastic bespoke parts supplier?

So, are you in need of Plastic bespoke parts and it falls in the list below?

  1. Simply, Flat cut Plastic Shaped…..
  2. CNC Machined parts to a high accuracy standards…..
  3. Engineering Plastics, Industrial Insulation Plastics…..
  4. Fabricated Bespoke Guards, Boxes, Covers, Shields…..
  5. Gaskets, Shims, Insulation Laminates…..
  6. Busbar Insulation, Nylon Bushes, Lexan Clear Safety Guards, HDPE for Conveyors…..
  7. Medical, Renewables, Rail, Retail, Aerospace…..
  8. Lexan, Delrin Teflon, Nylon, PEEK, Tufnol, Phenolic, GPO, Epoxy, PVC, HDPE………..
  9. Mill, Turn, Rout, Tap, Sub Assembly, Tap, Drill, Fabricate, Press, Weld, Bend, Engrave…..
  10. One Offs, Prototypes, Small Batch, Medium Batch……..

Importantly, we don’t Mold or Extrude, but, Everything else we do under one roof!

Plastic bespoke parts

Firstly, please do call us on 01384 633082

Alternatively, please do email sales@sentinelplastics.co.uk.

or, just browse Website Home Page.

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