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Custom Plastic Parts Machined

Introducing, Just some of things in our remit……..

  1. Simple cut Custom Plastic Bespoke Parts….
  2. CNC Machined Parts to a high accuracy standard….
  3. Engineering Plastics, Industrial Insulation Plastics….
  4. Fabricated Bespoke Guards, Boxes, Covers, Shields….
  5. Gaskets, Shims, Insulation Laminates….
  6. Busbar Insulation, Nylon Bushes, Lexan Clear Safety Guards, HDPE for Conveyors….
  7. Medical, Renewables, Rail, Retail, Aerospace….
  8. Lexan, Delrin Teflon, Nylon, PEEK, Tufnol, Phenolic, GPO, Epoxy, PVC, HDPE…..
  9. Mill, Turn, Rout, Tap, Sub Assembly, Tap, Drill, Fabricate, Press, Weld, Bend, Engrave….
  10. One Offs, Prototypes, Small Batch, Medium Batch….. and more.

All this and so much more, all under one roof!

Reliable Quality Custom Plastic Bespoke Parts

Most Noteworthy, Bespoke Plastic Parts are Machined to not les a standard than BSI ISO 9001-2008 certification. Therefore, Sentinel are always striving to meet the highest standards. From, when we receive your order until despatch.

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Plastic Bespoke Parts Machining – Unrivalled Experience

Certainly, with many years’ Experience in Plastics Machining and Fabrication, Sentinel are a first-choice supplier for many blue-chip Companies. For instance, Industries such as subsea, food Manufacturing, renewables, medical, military, aerospace, instrumentation and Materials handling Companies. Furthermore, our long-standing reputation has made Plastic Bespoke Parts Machining, a continuously growing important Part of our business. Notably, the Company employ the latest in CNC Turning, Milling, Routing, cutting & associated technology. Hence, the CNC team continues to grow. Always, with committed investment both in Experienced and trained staff.

Custom Plastic Milled Bespoke Parts

Plastic specialists

Plastic specialists

Further, Sentinel Plastics Ltd investment in equipment includes, purchasing Mazak CNC Machines, both expanding capacity and increasing the Company’s technical capabilities. Thus, the total number of CNC Milling Machines, again, always increasing, currently stands at Severn.

Certainly, with continued investment in current and new employees, enhances existing capabilities. Thus, attracting new skilled staff and young apprentices.

Certainly, it is worth noting, reputation, plus online marketing, has ensured Sentinel’s presence remains international as well as national. Hence, a fair percentage of interest coming from the USA. As well as European Companies.

Turning Custom Plastic Bespoke Parts

Further, as with milling, thus, having the latest in CNC Lathes, enables quick and efficient Turning. Hence, Machined Plastic Parts are produced to consistently high standards. Thus, CNC Turning capability, plus, a large skills base, allows for complex and simple Turned Parts to be consistently produced.

To conclude, continued investment in the latest and fastest machinery, the Company can provide precision Turned Parts in short lead times, repeatedly and with accuracy.

Experts In Plastic Bespoke Parts Materials

Significantly, the Company can produce almost anything asked to consider in your enquiries. For example, simple wear strips, to complex CNC Turned, CNC Milled and routed Plastic Bespoke Parts. Certainly, all These are produced from the huge, extensive range of Plastic Materials available to today’s consumer. Including, but not limited to, Polypropylene, Delrin, UHMWPE , HDPE, Acrylic, PET, PVDF and Polycarbonate. Also, included in the extremely large amount of Engineering Materials, which fall under Sentinels capabilities, include, PEEKPTFE and Nylon, with Acetal, Tufnol and GPO3.

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