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Cotton fabric based epoxy laminate. Tufnol Machining Tufnol 6F45 A Fine weave cotton/Epoxy resin laminated plastic (SRBF – Synthetic Resin Bonded Fabric) Tufnol 6F/45 Machining - Tufnol 6F45 -Tufnol Machining

Some general information, from the ® TUFNOL website, about synthetic resin bonded fabrics for engineering applications and Machined components.






® TUFNOL 6F45 epoxy cotton grade has a unique combination of properties, which makes it particularly useful for applications requiring extra performance.  It has good all-round performance but its principal features are its excellent electrical properties, good dimensional stability and outstanding machinability.


® Tufnol 6F45 is made with a specially modified epoxy resin. Therefore giving it high insulation resistance and electric strength also exceptional resistance to surface electrical tracking.  These first class electrical properties, combined with the excellent wear resistance of the finer weave cotton, provide a combination of properties not found in other grades.

Most noteworthy is grade ® Tufnol 6F45 is mechanically strong and ultimately resistant to a wide range of chemicals.  It has low water absorption and good dimensional stability, as a result giving fine tolerances and a superb machined finish.

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