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Significantly, to begin with, Sentinel is well known for being both, Tufnol CNC Machined Phenolic Epoxy Machining Specialists, as well as an unsurpassed Experience in all other Engineering Plastic Materials. Thus, Arguably, the highest Quality Machinists in this field.  Certainly, the Machined Parts, from Sentinels Milling and Turning sections, are the envy of its competitors. So, see for yourself. The image is a great example of what can be achieved. Thus, when you have the Experience in CNC Machining Tufnol type Materials.

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Importantly, this Part is destined for usage in the Engineering electrical power sector. Ultimately, this is where the largest demand for Sentinel’s Quality Machined Parts is required.

CNC MIlled SRBF Tufnol


Tufnol CNC Machining Specialists

So, it is worth noting, Tufnol phenolic cotton Materials are the workhorse grades for electrical and general mechanical applications. Furthermore, they are strong and tough with very good wear resistance and they are easy to Machine into finished Components.

Certainly, available are Tufnol Sheets with cotton fabric reinforcements. Thus, ranging from fine weave to coarse. Hence, in general, the medium to coarse wave grades is used for larger and more rugged Components, requiring good all-round strength and toughness. Similarly, the finer Tufnol fabric grades are chosen for their superior finish, higher dimensional stability and improved strength in thin sections.

Please note, the electrical properties tend to be superior in the finer weave grades, but the range includes a medium fabric weave. Hence, it has, enhanced electrical properties, suitable for electromechanical application. Indeed, two of the most widely used Tufnol cotton fabric grades are, Carp Brand and Whale Brand.

Industrial Plastics - 6F/45 Tufnol Materials

Experienced Tufnol Parts Machining

Above all, the Company has vast Experience. Especially, in Tufnol CNC Machined laminated Plastics and resin bonded Materials.
Moreover, our technical capability combines, high performance up-to-date CNC equipment, with an unmatched depth of Experience. Certainly, in Machining laminated Plastics and resin bonded Materials and other Engineering Plastics.

Most importantly, the Materials in Tufnol, thus, CNC Machined into Components, are used in a huge range of applications. Such as, oil platforms to super cars, large electrical Machines to medical instruments. Also, for critical Parts in many of the world’s best-known aircraft.

With a wide choice of equipment, including both CNC and conventional Machines, Sentinel Manufacture high or low volume batches. Which, importantly, are only made to order. Always, using the most cost-effective techniques.

Tufnol CNC Machined Phenolic grades available:


Firstly, Phenolic Paper Grades.

  • 3-4-PFCP207 (P1)
  • 3-4-PFCP201 (P1)
  • 3-4-PFCP202 (P2)
  • 3-4-PFCP203 (P2/1)
  • 3-4-PFCP206 (P3)


Secondly, Phenolic Cotton Grades.

  • 3-4-PFCC305 (F1)
  • 3-4-PFCC204 (F5)
  • 3-4-PFCC203 (F2)
  • 3-4-PFCC203 (F4 or F2/1)


Also, Epoxy Glass.

  • 3-2-EPGC201 (EP3)
  • 3-2-EPGC202 (EP4)
  • 3-2-EPGC203 (EP3 & EP5)
  • 3-2-EPGC203 (EP5 & EP7)

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