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Custom Plastic Machining UK – Firstly, Sentinel CNC Machines Plastic Parts to customer Bespoke specification, sample, or drawing. Notably, having a CNC Machine shop, specifically catering for Plastic. Significantly, highly skilled in all types of Industrial Engineering Plastic materials available for your design.

Plastic Machining - plastic Engineering Plastics 







Engineering Plastic Materials Machined

Furthermore, in the main, able to produce most anything asked to consider, from simple wear strips, to complex 3D Turned, Milled, and routed Components. These, all produced from the huge, extensive range of Plastic materials available to today’s consumer. Including, but not limited to, Polypropylene, Delrin, UHMWPE, HDPE, Acrylic, PET, PVDF and Polycarbonate.

Also, included in the extremely large amount of Engineering Materials, which fall under Sentinel’s capabilities, include, PEEK, PTFE, and Nylon, with Acetal, Tufnol and GPO3.

Plastic Machining - plastic Engineering Plastics


CNC Sheet Machining UK

It is important to note, the Company have the latest CNC machinery, up to date, state of the art cad cam software and modern tooling which enables them to produce excellent surface finishes, whilst working to the tightest tolerances the material allows. Thus, they are happy to produce and quote for Components using anything from 2D hard copy drawings through to 3D cad models and can also reverse engineer from existing Parts.

Quality Custom Plastic Machining UK

Certainly, Quality Machining Plastic UK can be very different to working metals. Hence, can require a very different approach in terms of processes. I.E., tool selection, cutting paths, numbers of passes, cutting speeds, pecking, reaming and multiple other factors. Also, Sentinel conducts many first-off inspections to ensure Quality maintained in all Components. 

Blue Chip Companies Supplier

In Short, Sentinel fabricate, Machine and precision Machine Plastic Components for blue chip customers. Moreover, Some operating in the medical, specialist Industrial and high-end power control markets. Certainly, the Company has a reputation for supplying Quality Plastic Component Parts on time, right to drawing and at competitive prices.

Also, importantly, using Sophisticated data Manufacturing procedures, track customer’s products throughout the Manufacturing process.

Plastic Machining Solutions from Sentinel Plastics Ltd

  • Certainly, selecting a knowledgeable manufacturer, for any plastic cnc machining requirements, is key to successful completion of a project. Undoubtedly, Plastics require specialized expertise to prevent expensive defects or product failures. Hence, only a dedicated plastics company can offer the right guidance. Thus, helping guide you through the complex catalogue of plastic materials available for selection.
  • At Sentinel Plastics Ltd, we have the technical capabilities and industry depth of knowledge necessary. Thus able, to produce high-quality and cost-effective parts and products from a wide range of plastics. So, whether you’re seeking a one-off prototype or a high-volume production run, we’ll work with you to turn your design into a reality. To learn more about our plastic cnc machining capabilities, contact us or request a quote today.


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Custom Plastic Machining UK Conclusion:

Thus, offering production via Machining and Fabrication process, Quality products to suit any application within a large variety of industries. Whether, a Bespoke single unit, or a batch of thousands is required. Certainly, our UK, and worldwide customers, benefit from our skills, Experience, flexibility, and attention to detail. Also, our turnaround times struggle to be beaten whether you are local or elsewhere in the UK. (Plastic Machining UK)


Finally to sum up, the Company is versatile, Experienced, flexible, always aim to be as helpful as possible. If its Plastic cutting that does not constitute Molding or Extruding, then there is a good chance we can help!

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