Precision Machined CNC Plastic Parts on our Mazak VCN-530C

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So, with the latest installation now complete, we are ready to roll out more quality precision Machined CNC Plastic Parts.

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Notably, always providing exceptional quality CNC Machined Plastic Parts. Certainly, through 27 years of experience in plastic production. Most noteworthy, is having the ability to accomplish tight tolerances. Furthermore, a great depth of knowledge when CNC milling and turning the huge variety of plastic materials available. Also, because at Sentinel we work solely with plastic, we have a focus that gives us an edge over our competitors in the industry. Engineering plastic parts,

Engineering Precision Machined CNC Plastic Components

Furthermore, with the added capability, our new addition Mazak vertical Machining centre capacity and capabilities have reached new heights. Certainly,  Sentinel Plastics have been Machining and supplying all types of Industrial Plastic Parts to Power Control, and the wider Switchgear industry, for over 27 years.

Moreover, in that time, we have perfected techniques that make us stand out as a cost-effective source for all their requirements. Some examples are: Bus bars, Shields, Covers, Epoxy Glass, GPO3. PVC, Polycarbonate Guards, PTFE and Nylon Bushes, Bearings, the list is endless. A one stop shops for Machined Plastic Parts and more.

Machined Plastic Parts

CNC Machining

Importantly our Precision Machined  Plastic Services are available utilising our vast range of CNC Machines and in-house Engineering Plastics Fabrication capabilities. A diverse range of Engineering Plastics Material can be Machined in-house with rapid delivery. We specialise in Machining Perspex, Acrylic, PETG, Lexan, and all types of Engineering Plastic Materials from Acetal, Nylon, Polyethylene to ABS and much more.

CNC Machining – Industrial Engineering Plastics

Having a large capacity of CNC Milling capabilities, Sentinel Plastics Ltd can draw on many years’ Experience. While producing high precision Components from high specification Industrial Plastics Material.

Whether your requirement is one off or high batch production work. While the capacity available is ever increasing. Which also ensures lead times are always kept to a minimum, without ever compromising on Quality.

Furthermore, using the latest Precision Lathes and technology in Precision Machined Plastic Parts Turning. Sentinel Plastics Ltd can produce large or small batch Plastic Turned Parts from all the various types of industrial Engineering Plastics.

Also, producing Precision Plastic Turned Parts to high Quality standards, in many variant forms. One off prototyping and higher production levels are cost effectively produced to customer specification.

Sentinel has Five Plastic CNC Routing Machines. All can produce almost any Plastic cut shapes from the extensive range of Industrial Plastics available in today’s market.

Having cutting tables, which can take large Sheet sizes up to a maximum of 3000mm x 2000mm and Materials ranging from 1mm up to 50mm in thickness. Our top brand name Machines can achieve high standard finishes and sizes every time.

Precision Machined Plastic Parts

Precision Machined Plastic Parts Turning

In Summary

And Finally, importantly at Sentinel Plastics Ltd we have Experience and flexibility. Always aiming to be as helpful as possible. Therefore, if its Precision Machined Plastic Parts, that does not constitute Molding or Extruding, then we can help!

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