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For many years, ever since its inception in 1989, the name Sentinel has always been synonymous for producing high Quality PEEK CNC Turned Parts. Its therefore, safe to say, for all your Plastic Milling requirements, you are now in the right place. PEEK, alongside many other Engineering Plastics, is commonly Machined to high specifications.

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The Material PEEK

Notably, well known for being a high-performance Engineering thermoplastic.
Firstly, the term PEEK is an abbreviation for polyetheretherketone. also having, Various grades of PEEK exist, offering good chemical and water resistance, and can operate at high temperatures.
Notably, in hot water or steam, it can be used continuously to 480°F (250°C). Importantly, without permanent loss in physical properties.
Commonly, used in hostile environments, the Material PEEK is a high strength alternative to traditional ferrous Materials.
Also, another plus point, PEEK carries a V-0 flammability rating. Thus, while exhibiting a very low smoke and toxic gas emission.
Perfect for use in FDA food contact applications.

Engineering Plastics CNC Machining -PEEK

Engineering Plastics CNC Machining – PEEK CNC Turned

Supplying Quality PEEK CNC Turned Parts

Moreover, as a leading Plastic Machining Company, PEEK gives us very little Machining problems. Indeed, in our hands, most requirements can be achieved. So, Sentinel Plastics offers Custom PEEK CNC Turned Components. Which are Machined in prototype or large batch quantities. Certainly, with our unsurpassed familiarity, PEEK is just another Engineering Plastic. From which, we Machine Quality Parts for our customers. Although, it may require special handling to minimise internal stresses and heat-related problems during Machining. But, having over 30 years of Experience CNC Machining speciality Plastics, means, Sentinel has the technical and Manufacturing expertise to produce precision Custom PEEK CNC Turned Parts to high specification.

Notably, PEEK, or polyetheretherketone, is a popular thermoplastic used for a wide range of Industrial Parts and Components. Mainly, because it exhibits that excellent strength, wear resistance, abrasion resistance, and retains its properties at high temperatures.

Parts Milled in PEEK

Plastic CNC Machining – PEEK CNC turned

So, Computer numerical control Plastic Turning, or CNC Turning, is the automated action of Material removing from a Plastic Part. Importantly, our Plastic CNC Turned Services are available utilising our vast range of CNC Machines and in-house Engineering Plastics Fabrication capabilities. Above all, a diverse range of Engineering Plastics Material can be Machined in-house with rapid delivery. We specialise in not only PEEK CNC Turned, but also Acrylic, PETG, Lexan, Acetal, Nylon, Polyethylene to ABS and many more types of Engineering Plastic Materials.

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Certainly, especially important, is having an in-depth knowledge of tools required and the raw Plastic Materials. Hence, our staff can provide guidance on Material selection, Thus, able to ensure that you get the most suitable Material for your project.

Furthermore, returning customers know that our PEEK CNC Turned division of Plastic Machinists can easily meet your requirements for finished Components. As a result, we can offer a flexible Service. Thus, for both small and large batch requirements. Finally, we pride ourselves on our Service and Quality.

Quick Quotes – Swift Turnaround

Certainly, our tailored Machining is available to suit many applications. Whether that be a Bespoke single unit or a batch of thousands. It is worth noting, how we Service your enquiry quickly and accurately. Firstly, we handle your initial enquiry using our state-of-the-art database and production planning control system. Then, producing and supplying  a quick and accurate quote. Also, resulting in, fast responsive lead times. Finally, the Plastic Sheets and rods we Machine are, readily available through our network of Quality Materials suppliers and Manufacturers.

Services Available

Lastly, Sentinel Plastics Industrial Plastic Parts can be Turned or Milled, As well as, Routed and Fabricated. And, Drilling, Taping and Assembly of Plastic Parts are just some of the other Services available. Hence, whether you require Precision Parts, Prototypes, Production Batches or just some help and advice, Sentinel Plastics Ltd staff are more than willing to help. Please, peruse the website, drop your enquiry on an email or please do give us a call. Send your enquiry today for PEEK CNC Turned Components.

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