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It is true to say, ever since its inception in 1989, the name Sentinel has always been synonymous for producing high Quality Nylon CNC Turned Parts. Its therefore, safe to say, for all your Plastic Turned Parts, you are now in the right place. Most Companies will berate when having to Machine Nylon Materials. As a leading Plastic Machining Company, Nylon gives us very little problems. Indeed, in the right hands, most requirements can be achieved.

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Lathe CNC Machined Nylon Parts

Notably, at Sentinel, CNC Machining of Nylon takes place on several different levels. Prototype Machining of one-off intricate Parts, through to production volumes of simple Nylon washers and Nylon bushes.

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Nylon CNC Turned Bespoke Component

CNC Turning Capability

Importantly, where capacity is concerned, Sentinel is equipped with various CNC Lathes for Plastic Turning. Thus, the combination of which, allows them Company to produce almost any Turned shape from the range of Nylon Materials available in today’s market.

Nylon CNC Turned
Notably, these top brand name Machines, Mazak, XYZ, Bridgeport, can achieve high standard finishes and sizes every time. Commonly, Materials CNC Machined/Turned are PTFE and PEEK, Nylon, Acetal and HDPE. A high-Quality finished product, working to BSI ISO9001 standards, is supplied to your requirements. Guided by our Experienced team. They have an extensive knowledge in Machining exceptional Quality Plastic Parts.

Nylon CNC Turned, Milled and Routed Parts

Not only producing precise high Quality Turned Parts. But also, flat Sheet Nylon CNC Machining, and Nylon block, again, to extremely high-Quality standards. We use tried and tested methods, cost effective and efficient. Thus, producing Parts on a repeated and regular basis to customers specifications.

Notably, Nylon is a strong, stiff Engineering Plastic with outstanding bearing and wear properties. Frequently, and more regularly used to replace metal. Such as, and including, bearings, slides, buffers and bushings, often eliminating the need for external lubrication. Other benefits include a reduction in Part weight, less operating noise, and decreased wear on mating Parts.

Also,  Nylon CNC Turned Parts, produced from many variant Nylon Materials forms. I.E. Nylon 6, Cast Nylon, Nylatron MoS2, Glass filled Nylon, Nylon 12, Nylon 66, PA, Polyamide, Nylon Oil Filled, Nyloil. Certainly, we consider ourselves highly Experience amongst all Nylon Machining Companies in the UK.

Also, examples from all these variant Materials are Bushes, Bearings, Cams, Washers, Bungs, Shafts, Bobbins, Mallet Heads, Nylon Screws, Medical devices, Aerospace and Rail Components.

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Sentinel Services Industries with Quick Quotes and Swift Turnaround

Our tailored Machining is available to suit many applications. Whether that be a Bespoke single unit or a batch of thousands. It is worth noting, how we Service your enquiry quickly and accurately. Firstly, we handle your initial enquiry using our state-of-the-art database and production planning control system. Producing, a quick and accurate quote. Also, resulting in, fast responsive lead times. Finally, the Plastic Sheets and rods we Machine are, readily available through our network of Quality Materials suppliers and Manufacturers.

Lastly, at Sentinel Plastics your Nylon Plastic Turning Parts are not only, Turned or Milled as well as Routed and Fabricated. But also, Drilling, Taping and Assembly of Plastic Parts are just some of the other Services available. Whether you require Precision Parts, Prototypes, Production Batches or just some help and advice. Sentinel Plastics Ltd staff are more than willing to help. Please, peruse the website, drop your enquiry on an email or please do give us a call. Make your enquiry today for Nylon CNC Turned Components.

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Sentinel Plastics Ltd is an Experienced and flexible Company. Our policy is always aiming to be as helpful as possible. If its Plastic Machining, that does not constitute Molding or Extruding, then there is a good chance Sentinel can help!

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