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CNC Plastic Machining Fabrication of Bespoke Plastic Products.

Sentinel Plastic machining fabrication, the CNC Plastic specialist, bespoke plastic machined parts. Experienced Plastic Fabricators of all types of industrial plastic to customer specifications.

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Machined Plastic Parts


Firstly, some commonly Plastic machined Parts materials are Nylon 6, Cast Nylon, Nylatron MoS2, Glass filled Nylon, HDPE, LDPE, PE1000, PE500, PTFE, Teflon, PVDF, Acetal, Tufnol, Peek, Arnite, Delrin, SRBP Tube, SRBF, Polypropylene and Epoxy Glass. Ultimately, we consider ourselves to be one of the top Delrin Acetal Machining Companies in the UK.

Engineering Plastics CNC Machining

Often, producing precision plastic turned parts to very high quality standards, in many variant forms.





Noteworthy, Sentinel is able to produce items from many different types on industrial plastics. The knowledge built up gives Sentinel a leading edge when it comes to fabricating from Polycarbonate (Lexan®), Polypropylenes (PP), Polyethylene (PE), ABS, PVC and so on. A constant flow of complex and varied fabrications are being repeatedly produced through the skills and the latest technologies available at Sentinel.


Lexan Fabrication - plastic-machining-plastic-fabrication

Other Available Facilities are…..

 plastic-machining-plastic-fabrication – Drilling/Tapping

Our conventional drilling is available for high production batches making use of jigs and fixtures at low cost. The extensive range of industrial plastics available makes it necessary to have a team of very experienced machinist to produce and supply the correct customer specified size holes and cutouts. Furthermore at Sentinel we have experience in insulation materials. This includes Tufnol, Phenolic, Polyester and Epoxy materials. Most noteworthy, these react very different to Polypropylenes, Perspex, Makrolon®, Lexan®, and Nylons when routed, drilled, turned, milled and fabricated. Plastic machining plastic fabrication.

Polyester Glass Plastic Machined Fabricated


While GPO3 is well liked for being a material which can also be easily machined to bespoke applications. These Items are just some examples Insulating supports, high voltage insulation, and mounting panels.

Machining Specialists
Delrin Pulleys


Furthermore at Sentinel Plastic machining & plastic fabrication your parts can be Turned or Milled as well as Routed and Fabricated. Also Welding, Polishing and Assembly of plastic parts are just some of the other services available. Especially relevant, whether you require Precision parts, Prototypes, Production Batches or just some help and advice. Importantly, Sentinel Plastics Ltd staff are more than willing to help. Please peruse the website. Let us help with your enquiry on an email, alternatively please do give us a call. Plastic-machining-plastic-fabrication

Acrylic Machining

Plastic machining & plastic fabrication






About us

Sentinel Plastic machining fabrication is an Industrial Engineering Plastics company specialising in CNC machining, and fabrication to customer specifications.

 Since its inception in 1989, the company has been machining and fabricating all types of industrial plastics. Our customer base is varied and covers a wide range of industries including:

•Renewable energy •Point of Sale •Power Control •Food Manufacture •Switchgear •Automotive •Medical.

At Sentinel we offer machining facilities which include CNC Milling, CNC Turning, CNC Fabrication & CNC Routing on our four 3Mx2M tables.

Other machining capacity includes: •Circular Saws •Flame & Mechanical Polishing •Routing •Drilling •Gasket Work •Assembly •Finishing.

Plastic CNC Machining and Fabrication Success

For 2018 Sentinel Plastic machining fabrication, CNC Machining Plastic specialists and Fabrication, we are investing and expanding more due to our popularity and keep up with growing demand.

Spending the sums of money we have, expanding our facilities and buying new CNC machines are all part of our growth strategies.

The outlay will ensure we, as engineering and industrial plastic specialists, continue to meet increasing demand while keeping at the forefront of industry innovations.

New developments, at our site in the heart of the UK, includes reconfiguring the manufacturing facility. Also a dedicated materials store and an incoming goods receiving area, as well as homes for newly acquired machinery.

Investment in online marketing, including a new website;, has ensured Sentinels presence remains international as well as national. With a fair percentage of interest now coming from the USA as well as european customers.

Bright Future – Plastic Specialists CNC Turning Plastics - Plastic specialists

Simon Inston and Lee Houghton, Managing director’s jointly agree. “As a company, we have never been shy of making smart investments. We will continue to invest a significant amount in developing our premises and upgrading our equipment. Enabling us to easily facilitate the ever-increasing demand on production outputs.”

“It is how we remain at the forefront of our sector. And is the reason we win the levels of new and repeat business. This maintains our position as market leaders.”

Machining & Fabrication Capacity

Sentinel Plastics recent equipment purchases include 2 New Mazak CNC Machines, both expanding capacity and increasing the company’s capabilities. This will bring the total number of machines introduced to the company within the last 18 months up to 6.

Plastic specialists

Plastic specialists

The continued investment in current and new employees also enhances existing capabilities, as well as attracting new skills and young apprentices.

All this certainly points towards a bright future for all those involved in driving the companies continued success. Sentinel Plastics Ltd

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