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Plastic Machining UK – Sentinel CNC machines bespoke Plastic Parts to customer specifications, samples or drawings. Our plastic CNC machine shop specifically caters for all industrial engineering plastic materials.


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Since inception in 1989, Sentinel has been a notable and recognised quality Plastic Machining UK supplier. Importantly, the company is at the forefront of Industrial Engineering Plastic Machining  and Fabrication in the UK. Most noteworthy, is its long history of supplying plastic parts to industry. Importantly, the company has accrued invaluable information as to the service required for modern day requirements. Certainly, a key component of the companies sustained success story is, its flexibility. Able to meet client requirements, and in that process move with the latest processes and advanced its technical ability.

Plastic Machining UK

Ideally Located to Supply all Plastic CNC Machining Requirements

You will find our plastic machining facilities strategically positioned in the heart of the West Midlands. A valuable position for a business that supplies companies all over the UK and Europe. Markedly, Sentinel has clients in China and the USA as well as in the local vicinity. Having an already large client base, among whom it can boast many long-term blue-chip clienteles. The company is currently attracting large amounts of extra business. Mainly through reputation, but, also due to a very active and successful marketing team.

Large Capacity

Significantly; Sentinel have 15 No CNC Machines, which includes a Mazak VCN 530C with 5 No XYZ 1020 VMC. Also 3 Bridgeport’s VMC plus 2 ProTurn Lathes and a 2 Mazak Mill/Turn. These are just a few of the machines that are available to produce Quality plastic CNC components.

Plastic Materials Machined

Able to produce most anything asked to consider, from simple wear strips, to complex 3D turned, milled and routed components. These, all produced from the huge, extensive range of plastic materials available to today’s consumer. Including, but not limited to, Polypropylene, Delrin, UHMWPE, HDPE, Acrylic, PET, PVDF and Polycarbonate

Also included in the extremely large amount of Engineering Materials, which fall under Sentinels capabilities, include, PEEK, PTFE and Nylon, with Acetal, Tufnol and GPO3.

In House Fabrication

Without doubt, our capabilities take many forms. Plastic fabrication is just one of the services offered. While being able to Weld and bend Polypropylene, PVC and Polycarbonate. Adhesives and Folding/ Line Bending other materials such as Perspex, ABS, PVC and PETG. Assembly also takes place with fixings or adhesives of Polycarbonate, PETG, Polypropylene and PVC.

Customer Specialised Bespoke Parts

It’s important to note; all parts manufactured by Sentinel, are customer specific bespoke plastic produced parts. Either working from Prototypes, drawings or descriptions, making a one off or hundreds of parts. Sentinel Plastics has flexibility to meet most requirements.

Plastic Machining UK – Large Plastic Sheets

Its current clients recognise, Sentinel is the place to come for large or small plastic parts. Produced on one of a growing number of flatbed CNC Routing machines. All our table sizes are 3Mx2M. Thus, giving the company the capability to manufacture economically. Meeting almost all the largest size requirements enquired for.

As plastic machining specialists, they offer machining and plastic fabrication services for single units or large quantities. Most noteworthy, using a wide variety of engineering plastic materials from stock, as well as being able to call on quality plastic sheet and rod suppliers.

Whether you supply a finished drawing, sketch, template or sample you can be assured the result will be a quality product.

High Quality CNC Sheet Machining UK

It’s important to note, the company have the latest CNC machinery, up to date, state of the art cad cam software and modern tooling which enables them to produce excellent surface finishes, whilst working to the tightest tolerances the material allows. Thus, they are happy to produce and quote for components using anything from 2D hard copy drawings through to 3D cad models and can also reverse engineer from existing parts.

Experienced Precision Plastic Machining UK

Precision machining plastic UK can be very different to working metals. And can require a very different approach in terms of processes; i.e. tools selection, cutting paths, numbers of passes, cutting speeds, pecking, reaming and multiple other factors. Sentinel conducts many first-off inspections to ensure quality maintained in all components.  

Blue Chip Market Suppliers

Sentinel fabricate, machine and precision machine plastic components for blue chip customers. Some operating in the medical, specialist industrial and high-end power control markets. The company has a reputation for supplying quality plastic component parts on time, right to drawing and at competitive prices.

Sophisticated data manufacturing procedures, track customer’s products throughout the manufacturing process.

Supplier Approvals

Importantly, the is considered a high category supplier by many of our customers. To support these clients, and the fluctuation in their build plans, operating many scheduled supply agreements. Which, will then allow them to call finished goods from stock.

Schedule supply agreements allow the company to optimise the manufacturing process. Which in turn, reduce the manufacturing costs and ensure the most efficient supply of finished parts to our customers.

High Quality

Most noteworthy, they produce high quality, precise plastic components to all industries across the UK. Whether it be a one off or a run of thousands. The standard, consistency and attention to detail will not be compromised.

Sentinel Plastics Ltd - Plastic Machining

Plastic Machining Conclusion:

Lastly, in conclusion, offering production via machining and fabrication process, quality products to suit any application within a large variety of industries. Whether, a bespoke single unit, or a batch of thousands is required. Our UK and worldwide customers benefit from our skills, experience, flexibility and attention to detail. Also, our turnaround times struggle to be beaten whether you are local or elsewhere in the UK. (Plastic Machining UK)


To conclude, the company is versatile, experienced, flexible, always aiming to be as helpful as possible. If its plastic cutting that does not constitute Molding or Extruding then there is a good chance we can help!

Sentinel Plastics