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While watching our CNC Routing Machines today I realised Four of the Five were Polycarbonate machining ( Makrolon – Lexan ).

Polycarbonate Routing - Polycarbonate Machining

CNC Routing Polycarbonate  -Lexan -Makrolon

Makrolon – Lexan- Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate Machining - Polycarbonate Machined Parts

Polycarbonate Machining -Lexan -Makrolon

Ultimately, with its high transparency and smooth surface, Clear Polycarbonate Machining is an attractive material for a wide range of applications. Also, offering extreme impact resistance, even at temperatures down to -100°C. Unlike Acrylic, which requires heat to form, Polycarbonate sheets can be CNC Routed and cold-bent.

Notably, as a company, Sentinel Plastics has become synonymous with Polycarbonate machining and fabrication. Also, within Industry Polycarbonate is the most popular choice of plastic when it comes to a requirement of strength and ultimately safety. While in its sheet form it is extremely impact resistant. For interior applications up to 6 mm thickness Polycarbonate has a B1 fire protection for classification.



Especially relevant parts manufactured by Polycarbonate machining  are machine covers, Glazing for schools and factories, Warehouse doors. Consequently a popular material. Widely used for Industrial vehicles and Lamp covers. Where a high level of heat is generated, being highly fire-resistant, versions exist for the use in Switch cubicles, electrical equipment.
Other uses for Polycarbonate are Trade fair structures, Public buildings. Within Industry, the clear plastic of choice is Polycarbonate. Hence the popularity and  wide use as safety guards.

A UV coating can be applied to the surface of the smooth or textured polycarbonate sheets. Solid sheets retain their shine with no yellowing, nor change of color. The positive effect in applying a protective coating is that you are increasing the resistance to long-term weathering, which thus provides a long service life.

Polycarbonate Machined Parts Available in:

Transparent clear and white translucent. Also available in bronze, grey, green, blue.

Polycarbonate Cutting

Available grades:

1: Polycarbonate sheet / FG food grade
2: Solid polycarbonate sheet / FR flame retardant
3: polycarbonate sheet / NR non reflective
4: Outstanding through reinforced UV protection.


Some information gathered from Bayer – Read more here https://www.bayersheeteurope.com/50/Products/Makrolon.htm


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