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Industrial Plastics Laminates and Composites GPO3 Machining-Material -Industrial Plastic materials

Sentinel leads the way in Machining Industrial Plastic Materials.

Polyester Glass Material (PGM) Glastic ® Delmat ® Durapol ® Tufnol ® GPO

Industrial Plastic Thermoset sheet, angles and channels with excellent electrical and mechanical properties. Used extensively for busbar supports, switchgear barriers and transformer spacers.

Densified Wood Permali ® Lignostone ® 

Also available is Laminated Densified wood with good electrical insulation and resistance to abrasion and wear.

SRBP – Phenolic Paper

A Range of grades from Industrial Plastics Commercial Paper BS2572/P1 to high electrical grade paper BSEN60893-3-4-PFCP206.

SRBF – Phenolic Fabric

A Range of grades from Commercial fabric BS2572/F2 to high electrical and mechanical grade fabric BSEN60893-3-4-PFCC305

Industrial Plastics Laminates
® Tufnol 6F/45 Read More
Industrial Plastics  GPO3 Read More
Engraving Laminates

Industrial Plastic engraving material. A range of 2 or 3 ply laminates in many different colours


Its firstly most noteworthy for operating at elevated temperatures. Furthermore offering thermal insulation performance and outstanding electrical properties.

More Industrial Composite Plastic Materials – Glass Based Laminates (G10, FR4, G11)

Epoxy Glass Laminates – A Range of Industrial Plastics grades including G10, FR4 and G11

10G/40: A popular epoxy glass laminate with extremely high mechanical and electrical strength. Furthermore it has Good dielectric properties under dry and humid conditions. Excellent rigidity and dimensional stability. Suitable for use at Class B (130°C) temperatures. In addition meets requirements of BSEN60893-3-2 EPGC201 (BS3593 EP3 & NEMA G10)

FR4: Also an industrial plastic material, epoxy glass laminate based on a medium weave glass cloth. Having excellent mechanical and flame resistant properties. For applications up to 130°C (Class B). Also meets requirements of BS3953 EP4 and NEMA FR4, NEMA G10.  ( Industrial Plastics Laminates)

EP7: Another epoxy glass laminate based on a medium weave glass cloth. Also having excellent electrical, mechanical and thermal properties (Class F, 155°C) when compared to conventional laminates. Also meets requirements of BSEN60893-3-2 EPGC203.

10G/50: This is a Silicone glass grade with high temperature resistance. As a result has excellent dielectric properties and low loss tangent.

6G/92: Finally this Is a Polyimide Glass suitable for temperatures up to 260°C continuously and 300°C intermittently. Furthermore it has excellent electrical and mechanical properties, flexural strength, rigidity and dimensional stability.  Also meets requirements of BS EN 60893-3-7 PI GC 301 (AFS1386).


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