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Certainly, as a leading global provider of CNC Manufactured Plastic Parts, Moreover, Sentinel have invested in the most advanced CNC Milling Machines and specialist CNC Milling tools available. Thus, with the arrival of an additional Mazak vertical Machining centre,  Plastic Milling CNC and consequently CNC capacity, steps up yet another gear.

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Plastic CNC Milling

Fully automatic CNC machining centres, Semi automatic CNC mills, Manual machines – whatever the job requires we have the machine

Plastic CNC
Engineering Plastics CNC Machining -PEEK

Engineering Plastics CNC Machining – PEEK Machined

Mazak Highly Productive Vertical Machining Centers.

  • Reduced cycle times thanks to high-speed feed rate, acceleration / deceleration and tool change.
  • Federate: 42 m/min, Spindle speed: 12000 rpm, Chip-to-chip: 2.8 seconds.
  • Unique Mazak heat compensation system – INTELLIGENT THERMAL SHIELD.
  • Excellent accessibility thanks to two front doors providing wide opening – large window for convenient   monitoring of Machining.
  •  Durable linear roller guides on all axes ensure stable Milling.
  •  MAZATROL SmoothG, the advanced CNC designed for ease of operation.

High Quality Plastic Milling CNC

Above all, all Machined Components are subject to our rigorous inspection regime, with, designated inspectors. Also, in-process inspection, and a full final inspection, completed on every Part.

Thus, this ensures any Components delivered under our brand meet your exact specification, but also, our high-Quality standards. Finally, please follow the link, find out more about our commitment to Quality.

CNC Machining Plastic Parts

Also, further information about the Plastic types we Machine. As well as Component and industry examples. This, and much more, can be found on the main website.

Plastic Milling

Above all, with all our Milled Parts being Machined in Plastic, we have been the experts in delivering exceptional Quality in some of the most difficult grades to Machine.

Plastic CNC  Milling

Above all, having a large capacity of CNC Milling capabilities, Sentinel Plastics Ltd can draw on many years’ Experience. Thus, producing high Quality Components. Moreover, from high specification Industrial Plastics Material.

Notably, whether your requirement is one off or high batch production work, the capacity available is ever increasing. Thus, also ensuring lead times are always kept to a minimum, without ever compromising on Quality.

Certainly, Sentinel has a vast understanding, and knowledge, in Machining exceptional Quality Plastic Parts. Importantly, for various industries, including, medical, subsea and power control.

Further, more commonly Milled Materials are Nylon 6, Cast Nylon, Nylatron MoS2, Glass filled Nylon. But also, Polyester Glass, EM42Tufnol®. Plus HDPE, LDPE, PE1000, PE500PTFE, Teflon, PVDFAcetal, Delrin. And,  PEEK, Arnite,  SRBP Tube, SRBF, Polypropylene and Epoxy Glass.

Hence, from all these Plastic Materials some examples of Parts produced are: Test tube holders, Base plates, Cams, Conveyor Parts, Friction Plates, Insulation Panels, Aerospace and Rail Components.

Sentinel – Home of Industrial Engineering Plastic Machining

Certainly, Sentinel Plastics is a top Plastic Machining Engineering Company. Thus, Specialising Engineering Plastic Milling, of all types of Industrial Plastics, subsequently, which are too customer specifications.

Especially relevant, being considered by many of its customers to be The One Stop Shop. Further, for Engineering Plastics Components, one of, if not the top Plastics Companies UK.

In conclusion, Industrial Plastic Parts can be Turned and Milled. As well as, Sheet Routed here on site at Sentinel. Noteworthy, whether you require, Precision Parts, Prototypes, Production Batches or just some help and advice. Sentinel Plastics Ltd staff are. without doubt, more than willing to help. Finally, please peruse the website, drop your enquiry on an email or please do give us a call.

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