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Certainly, the Company has been involved in Plastic Fabrication for over the years. Hence, with great pride, class themselves as very Experienced Plastic Fabricators and Machinists. Moreover, Sentinel Plastics skilled team also have many years’ Experience under their belts, individually Plastic Fabricators. Thus, giving us the ability to Manufacture Parts from simple to highly complex shapes, to high Quality standards. Our customers are happy in knowing, we have highly Experienced staff with up-to-date Fabrication capabilities.

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It’s important to note, our Plastic Fabrication Services are available on the vast range of Engineering and Insulation Plastics in today’s market. Notably, nothing is subcontracted, everything is purely in-house Plastic Fabrication. Also, a diverse range of Plastic shapes can be produced by our Experienced Plastic Fabricators. Sometimes, if required, with a rapid delivery. Certainly recognised, as specialised Plastic Fabricators, in Perspex Acrylic, PETG and Polycarbonate. As well as, many more types of Engineering Plastic Materials from PVC, Polypropylene, Polyethylene to ABS.

Also relevant, and on the same site, is that Sentinel Plastics Ltd offers a comprehensive Machine shop to Manufacture Components and Parts to your exact requirements. While most Companies Plastic Fabricators can concentrate on specific types of Plastics, or methods of Manufacture. Sentinel is one of those unique Companies Machining & fabricating Plastic Parts in all Plastics and using a variation of methods.

Plastic Line Bending

Without doubt, Sentinel Plastics Fabrication capabilities takes many forms. Hence, these forms fall into many and varied Material brackets. Thus, while being able to Weld and bend Polypropylene, PVC and Polycarbonate. Also, Adhesives and Folding/ Plastic Line Bending other Materials such as Perspex, ABS, PVC and PETG. Plus, assembly also takes place, with fixings or adhesives of Polycarbonate, PETG, Polypropylene and PVC. Capabilities include, Plastic bending, combined with skills which have been developed through many years of Experience. Hence, our Experienced Plastic Fabricators Division can cut, bend, glue, weld, saw, route, assemble, and polish just about any type of polymer to create virtually any product.

Experienced Plastic Fabricators of Plastic Guards Polycarbonate Guards - Fabricated Plastic Guards

Certainly, Bespoke projects require extra attention. Hence, our technical knowledge and innovative processes are there to assist all the way from concept and design through to Manufacture. So, be it simple Perspex panels, or Polycarbonate Machine guards through to complex Plastic Fabrication. Thus, through pride and dedication, Sentinel is a respected Manufacturer of high-Quality Guards, Screens, Fabricated Components, all used in a wide variety of industries.

Reliable Supplier

We are a reliable Manufacturer of high-Quality Customer Specification Parts, which includes covers and shrouds. Plus, many more variations of Machined and Fabricated Components used in a wide variety of industries.

In Summary

To conclude, our emphasis is on the importance of offering a comprehensive one stop shop. Able to Manufacture Components and Parts to customers exacting requirements. So, unlike most others, only Machining specific Plastics, Sentinel‘s comprehensive knowledge on all types of Plastic methods of Manufacture.

Finally, here at Sentinel Plastics Ltd we are versatile and very Experienced Plastic Fabricators. Why not call us, for any requirements we aim to be as helpful as possible. When molding or extruding is not a viable option, then we can help!

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