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CNC Milling Nylon

CNC Milling Nylon – Nylon Milled Parts

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Having a large capacity of capabilities for CNC Milling Nylon Machined Plastic Parts, Sentinel can draw on many years’ experience to produce high precision Nylon Milled components from high specification engineering plastic materials.

Importantly, we have a no minimum order quantity.  Always happy to machine most requirements, whether your requirement is one off or medium volume production work. Another valuable note is, Sentinel are Continually investing in plant, ensuring the capacity available is ever increasing.

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Machined Plastic Parts Experience

Ultimately, partly due to our years of experience CNC Milling Nylon Sentinels production team fully understand the capabilities required to CNC Machine. Furthermore and more importantly the specific requirements when machining all Industrial Plastics including CNC Milling Nylon.

Sentinel is a highly respected manufacturer of high-quality Customer Specification CNC Milling Nylon Parts. As well as the example shown below, which is a regular customer requirement,  Sentinel can supply many more variations of CNC machined Nylon components used in a wide variety of industries. This is mainly due to being able to choose from any one of the high number of machines, all available to achieve our customer requirements, with highly skilled setters and operators.

Nylon Milled at speed

In the video below we show how we can machine Nylon parts at speed and to a high accuracy, without compromising a quality finish.



Without doubt, Sentinel have many years experience and knowledge in milled nylon exceptional quality parts for various industries. Enabling Sentinel to be at the forefront of competitive high quality plastic machining.

Precision Milling

Always providing exceptional CNC Machined Plastic Parts through 26 years of experience in plastic production. Most noteworthy is having the ability to accomplish tight tolerances. Furthermore a great depth of knowledge when CNC milling and turning the huge variety of plastic materials available. Because Sentinel works solely with plastic, we have a focus that gives us an edge over our competitors in the industry.

Machined Plastic Parts - Nylon Milled Engineering Plastics

Machined Plastic Parts

With the added capability of our new addition Mazak vertical machining center capacity and capabilities have reached new heights. Sentinel Plastics have been machining and supplying all types of Industrial Plastic Parts to Power Control and the wider Switchgear industry for over 27 years. As a result, Sentinel have perfected techniques that make us stand out as a cost effective source for all their requirements. Including, bus bars, Shields, Covers, Epoxy Glass, GPO3, PVC, Polycarbonate Guards, PTFE and Nylon Bushes, Bearings, the list is endless. A one stop shop for machined plastic parts and more.

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