Plastic Sheet Bespoke Shaped (Profiling)

Firstly, Sentinel is, ‘the’ place to go for Plastic Sheet Bespoke Shaped (profiling) to customer specification. Primarily through years of experience, almost all types of materials can be cnc machined. In addition, the ability to transform your design into a high quality finished component, is available at low cost, and with a quick turnaround. Most importantly, our high speed multi tool machines have quick programme access with fast changing tooling.

Secondly, the variety of plastic sheets that can be profiled is vast. However, each material requires its own special considerations when cutting. For example, HDPE will cut at high speeds with fairly simplistic tooling. Whereas, high specification insulation materials, such as Epoxy Glass and Delamt, require specialised tooling at controlled variable speeds. Ultimately, the experience to handle this range of materials, has been gathered over many years.


Plastic sheet routing

The Plastic Sheets CNC Machined

Significantly, it is worth noting, the plastic Sheets CNC Machined can range from 1mm thick upto 100mm thick. Overall, each machine is capable of facilitating 3M x 2M panel sizes. Hence, the panels or shapes you require, would only be restricted by the manufacturers standard sizes available. So, the list below contains all the plastic sheets CNC machined on any one of our 5 available routing tables.

Plastic Sheet bespoke profiling.

In addition, to the above, many variants of the above materials exist. Most noteworthy, all of these are included in Sentinels range of materials machined. Importantly, if you require a high standard of finish, or accurate size cutting, +/- 0.25 can be achieved, only our experience will provide these results.

Plastic Sheet Bespoke Shaped

Quick Quotes With Fast Turnaround

Plastic Sheet bespoke shaped can be offered to suit any application within a large variety of industries, whether a bespoke single unit or a batch of thousands is required. Please note, your enquiry can be quickly handled, using our state of the art database and production planning control. Hence, a quick and accurate quote, resulting in, fast responsive lead times. Finally, the Plastic Sheets CNC Machined are readily available through our network of materials suppliers and manufacturers.

Plastic Sheet bespoke shaped Large or Small

Most noteworthy, the plastic sheets CNC machined, can be as large as the sheet available, or only a few cm’s in size. Utmost, the limitations are few on what can be achieved. Likewise, with expert programming, and material understanding, allows Sentinel to produce most requirements its customers request. Sentinels, five CNC routers, cut in what are called three axes or directions. The variety of bits and a computer program working in those three directions, the sky’s the limit. Only, the overall size of the machine’s bed and cutting range will determine the maximum workpiece size you can manipulate.

Insulation sheet machining


Ideally Positioned For Your Plastic Sheets CNC Machined Requirements

Being strategically based in the West Midlands, UK. Sentinel is a business that supplies companies all over the UK and Europe. Most noteworthy; Sentinel has customers in China and the USA. Having an already large customer base, among whom it can boast many long term blue chip customers. While established in 1989 Sentinel Plastics Ltd is an Industrial Engineering Plastic Machining UK and Fabrication company. Having a long history of supplying plastic sheet bespoke shaped to industry the company has accumulated invaluable knowledge to service modern day demands. A major part of the companies continued success story is the flexibility to meet customer requirements and move with the times.


In Conclusion:

Finally, Sentinel Plastics Ltd is versatile, experienced, flexible, always aiming to be as helpful as possible. If its plastic cutting that does not constitute Molding or Extruding then there is a good chance we can help!

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